Wednesday, March 4, 2015

"When you lose your good lose everything".

A message to all members of Congress who decided to skip Benjamin Netanyahu's speech to Congress, "it is your loss". 

For the rest of your lives, you will lament and remember the following: "When you lose your good lose everything".

To watch Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's speech, please click here.

I am ashamed of the United States President and his FULL Administration!

How dare they turn their backs on our #1 FRIEND in the Middle East!

God Bless Israel!
God Bless The United States of America!

Please restore America's good name!

Bibi is a real Leader...Brave, intelligent and Loves his country...

America has a Sal Alinsky marinated..Constitution bashing..Koran kissing ..Benedict Arnold..Neville Chamberlain...rainbow and white Flag waving Usurper who if he would have been vetted wouldn't have passed the security clearance to be a Mall cop.!