Sunday, March 22, 2015

Obama Reveals to Foreign Leader What He REALLY Thinks About the Bill of Rights

URGENT: Obama Reveals to Foreign Leader What He REALLY Thinks About the Bill of Rights

Everyone knows that President Barack H. Obama secretly disapproves of our nation, but few expected his disdain to be so strong that he would denigrate our esteemed Bill of Rights.
Yet Obama has done exactly that on numerous occasions. We learned as much from U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron, who revealed during an interview with Buzzfeed this week that Obama has often complained to him that “You don’t know how lucky you are to have a ban on political TV ads.”

The premise behind this grievance is that our constitutionally guaranteed right to speak negatively about our dear leader serves only to disadvantage the poor sap.
Obama basically resents the First Amendment of our Bill of Rights because criticism upsets his pitifully sensitive spirits — and heaven forbid that that anybody dare question his most immaculate wisdom.
This sort of egotism really ought not to shock anybody. Keep in mind that this man suffers from a case of narcissism so severe that he loses his mind every time negative approval ratings are released about him.
Furthermore, celebrated conservative columnist George Will once opined that Obama also suffers from a “pathological” and “clinical” inability to acknowledge the truth (H/T The Daily Caller).
People who resist the truth tend to dislike those who embrace it — like those of us, for instance, who have no qualms about criticizing Obama’s lackluster policies.
So keep complaining all you want, President Obama. Just remember that the Constitution is here to stay, whereas you and your presidency are nothing but dust in the wind!

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