Saturday, March 21, 2015

McDonald's hires 7,000 touch-screen cashiers

McDonald's hires 7,000 touch-screen cashiers

Would you like some microchips with that burger? McDonald's Europe strikes another blow against human interaction by installing 7,000 touch-screen computers to take your order and money.

This is happening all over Europe..

While yes, this is older news, I did not know about it. Had not seen it at all on my news systems here.

With States/Federal Government FORCING companies to a higher minimum wage, I foresee this happening here very soon!

I am sorry. Minimum wage jobs are ENTRY level into the work force.
They are meant for a person to obtain skills and a work ethic. NOT for a person to necessarily live on or support a family with.

When a person flipping burgers wants MORE money than that of our FIGHTING FORCES, something is VERY wrong!

You want to blame someone for the piss poor economy? Look at your Federal Government!
Yes, Republicans AND Democrats are to blame!

Business taxes are way too high! We are the HIGHEST business taxer in the WORLD! It is beyond difficult to start a new business in this country!

I see MANY companies opting to install computers to take over menial jobs wherever possible, and this is going to cut many jobs over the next years.

I am massively surprised, that the Black populous is not rising up against Obama and his policies. Black unemployment and Black Teen unemployment is beyond hideous! Obama and his EPA regulations, as well as everything he is signing with his pen and screaming into his phone for, are destroying even more of the work force!