Friday, March 20, 2015

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Please help Fund This Blog

This blog makes money from the small ads located throughout the blog.
If you click on an ad, it gives me a few pennies here, and a few pennies there.
You do NOT have to purchase anything for this blog to get that few pennies, but if you click on an ad, it does help me a bit financially.

Occasionally, I do advertise my cookbooks, and from those, I make between $.99 and $1.75 each. My cookbooks are Ebooks sold on Amazon. The are viewable via Kindle, and Kindle applications for Android, and Kindle Application for computer. The Kindle applications are FREE applications from Amazon.

If you are interested in my cookbooks they are available here:

All can be read in Kindle, Android, or on the computer

This Hillbilly's Guide to Heaven; Moonshine & Wine Recipes Guaranteed to Make You Smile! - $5.00

The [Islamic] Infidel's Guide to Cooking Bacon & Bacon Recipes - $3.99

Margo's Kitchen Jelly Cookbook - $2.99

Margo's Kitchen Jello Shot Recipes - $2.99

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Brightest Blessings to your day!