Saturday, March 14, 2015

Michelle Threw a Huge Party at the White House… For Islamic holiday!

Michelle Threw a Huge Party at the White House… But Not For an American Holiday

~ Taken from The Conservative Tribune ~

Just in time for spring and the nuclear arms deal with Iran, First Lady Michelle Obama hosted a celebration at the White House — for an Iranian holiday.
You read that right. The latest attempt by the Obamas to change the landscape of this great nation involves celebrating an Islamic holiday many Americans never knew existed.

The holiday, Nowruz, marks the beginning of the Iranian New Year and Mrs. Obama was more than eager to express her joy about hosting the event, courtesy of taxpayer dollars.
Speaking to a gathering of leaders from schools, government and the entertainment industry on Wednesday, the First Lady said one of her favorite things about the White House is that it’s the people’s house. A house that mirrors a diversity of traditions  which now includes Nowruz.
The holiday is one of several Muslim celebrations, but it is more popular among those that consider themselves descendants of the Persian Empire. Iran is the cultural center for Persia with more than half of the population. (H/T Mad World News).
The event was complete with a menu created by Iranian chef Maziar Farivar and entertainment provided by Silk Road Dance Company, whose performances provide a glimpse into different cultures, especially Islam.
This isn’t the first time the administration has attempted to push different holidays on the American people. Just last week, we reported on how the Obama administration is considering abolishing the traditional American Thanksgiving holiday with “Celebrate Immigrants Day.”
This is just another reason for us to believe that the Obamas favor Islam over Christianity.

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