Tuesday, February 24, 2015

My newest cookbook went live last night!!!

This Hillbilly's Guide to Heaven; 

Moonshine & Wine Recipes Guaranteed to Make You Smile!

Margo's Kitchen; Never trust a Skinny Cook!
[Kindle Edition]


This hillbilly's Guide to Heaven

 This Cookbook is only $5.00

Please understand, I only make $1.75 from each copy sold.

ALL the proceeds from this book, go to fund the down payment for our new property that we want.

We have bounced around the country for the last 13 years at the whim of Uncle Sam .

We have finally settled down in Texas, my husband's home state.

Although we are no longer active duty, (Thanks to the current administration's cutbacks of the military), my husband is still with the Texas National Guard, so as not to waste his retirement, and he actually loves the Army!.

The property that we are looking at, is going to have a new double-wide manufactured home, and because of this, we cannot get VHA financing. So we have got to come up with approximately $25000 to accomplish this.

I have three other cookbooks published also: