Saturday, February 21, 2015

A report leaked from DHS, claims that people like me, Conservatives, are more dangerous than radical islamic terrorists!

Well, here I am, Margaret C. Pritchett

I filed my taxes this year, so you have my address!

But wait, if you arrest me, and people like me, who is going to give you the tax base for ALL your ludicrous spending programs??? because I guarantee, you arrest me, I am going to sit on my butt and NOT work while you are TRYING to prosecute me!

Yes, I am one to be afraid of!

I am a female. God loving! Gun toting! Freedom of Speech loving! ANTI Communist AMERICAN!!!

And just to juice it up so to speak...
The title of my last cookbook is:

Margo's Kitchen: The [Islamic] Infidel's Guide to Cooking Bacon & Bacon Recipes: Never Trust a Skinny Cook!

It is my choice to have the job of waking up America!

This is what ALL muslims believe!