Saturday, January 4, 2014

Why I distrust, dislike, and am FLAT OUT AFRAID of the muslim religion...

These are about the muslim religion

And yes, I know that I did not capitalize muslim.

I have collected these from different Facebook postings.

And before you talk about what the Christians did back during the Crusades, remember this: muslims are still performing these vile acts and Christians are NOT.


mohammed WAS a pedophile!

And again, I know that I did not capitalize mohammed!

Why would anyone hold someone who rapes children high in esteem?

 Religion of Peace? I think not!

Why are muslims allowed to say we cannot talk about them, but they are allowed to threaten every other religion out there?

Burkas  should be banned form all areas of public access. Especially flying and other mass transit areas. I have the right to feel safe! 

No where in the quran does it say that a woman must wear a burka. This law was created by men to control women within this cult!