Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Illegal Aliens Complain They Get Student Loans Instead of GRANTS

Illegal Aliens Complain They Get Student Loans Instead of GRANTS
By Top Right News on January 7, 2014

Outrageous. But not at all surprising. Illegal aliens, who broke our nation’s laws to come here and stay here, yet receive benefits that millions of American citizens don’t get — in-state tuition — are now complaining that they don’t get it for FREE.

That’s right, despite the University of California system’s generous and shameful pledge to help illegal aliens earn a college degree — at the same time they are slashing aid to citizen students to the bone —  those illegal students are complaining that the aid will come by way of student loans instead of grants.

As UC officials discuss specifics on how the $5 million UC President Janet Napolitano recently budgeted to support illegal alien students will be allocated – much of which will go to student loan programs, it’s been decided - some student activists have bemoaned that it’s not fair to strap stressed out, disadvantaged students in the country illegally with college debt.

    “We think that the 5 million dollars will have an impact if the money goes directly into the pockets of undocumented students,” By Any Means Necessary campus activist group leader David Douglasstold The Daily Californian in an email.

The Californian goes on to report:

    Sophomore Ivan Villasenor Madriz, an undocumented student, spoke with representatives from the UC Office of the President and other undocumented student representatives across the UC campuses in a conference call the evening of Dec. 18.

    Madriz said the students raised concerns about the use of the funds for loans rather than other types of aid such as grants and work-study. He said loans should not be considered “aid” because they are only increasing student debt and putting more pressure on students.

    “The loans that are given out are making one hole to fill another,” he said. “It defeats the purpose of so-called ‘financial aid.’ ”

California — America’s Sanctuary State — going down the rathole of debt to pay for millions of illegal aliens, while schools, hositals and social services go bankrupt. This is what will happen to America should the Obama-Schumer-Rubio-Ryan amnesty become law.