Saturday, April 4, 2015

Radical muslims in America

How and Why are RADICAL muslims Coming to and Forming in America?

I am an average American woman. I am a homemaker and I work part-time at Walmart. I am nobody special in the average scheme of things in America, but even I KNOW why and how we are being inundated with RADICAL muslims in my beloved country!

  • Obama is MASSIVELY bringing muslims from other countries into America! Somalia, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Egypt, and Nigeria to mention a few. These men and women are NOT being properly vetted, they are just being allowed to immigrate here!
  • Law Enforcement is no longer allowed to monitor mosques for fear of being  prejudicial!
  • The average American Conservative or Republican is now considered a domestic terrorist BEFORE ANY muslim in this country!
  • Obama has still NOT closed our borders! He is allowing anyone and everyone to come through our Southern lines!

This man, Barack Hussein Obama, is the #1 muslim terrorist in my country! He is NOT a leader of America, but rather, a leader of terroristic radical muslims.

  • He is financially helping them in other countries with our tax monies.
  • He is spurning our #1 Ally, Israel.
  • He is helping to undermine governments, so that they are being toppled and then taken over by RADICAL muslims. IE: Yemen
  • He is helping IRAN to obtain nuclear weapons!

Please, please use your power of the vote to get this man and his followers OUT of our government!

Look, I am NOT a fool. I know that one election will NOT change the American government or its corrupt people within, but we can start making the change back to a country with power. 

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The current Government destroyed my husband's dream of Active Duty Army retirement.
He then was laid off from the oil field work that he found.
We are now in Colorado. I am with Walmart, and Will is trying to obtain his dream of owning his own Towing and Recovery Company.